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<~2:54 am on Wednesday, Aug. 07, 2002~>

randomly placed pixels...

Guess what peoples? I finally finished my biology! And after 16 innings (4:50) the phils have finally won this game!!! YAY!!! Hehehe... that was a long game, tis almost 3 am. But it was worth it, i was called a dedicated fan by one announcer dude. But i couldve said that 5 hours ago. Anyways my mind is a tad fuzzly at the moment, so if u wanna entry click previous. Yesterday after we dropped off my biology i got a crash course in driving :) lol i drove in circles in a back parking lot somewhere but dont tell anyone. Well actually just dont tell Timmy, I wasnt supposed to let him know. So Tim, if u were dumb and came here, listen to these simple step by step things:

1- Press the back button on your browser.

2- Go to the dining room table. There you will find a candlestick.

3- Take the candlestick and raise it above your head. Quickly and forcefully swing the candlestick down onto your skull.

The blunt force of the impact on the skull should be enough to render you unconscious and make you forget all about ur terrible incounter.

Note to everyone else: bluny objects are not for use for self-inflicted torture on body parts etc. Timmy is an exception, one wouldnt be able to notice the brain damage if he was smacked upside the head with a candlestick, so i have an excuse. Remember- u never saw Ms. White, got it?

Anyways as i was saying before someone got brutally injured in another room, i got kfc after trying circles and such. Twas good, cept they were outta Dr. Pepper :P so i hadta resort to pepsi. After after i went home and just went online and here i am. Pointless update, yes yes yes. I am probably gonna change my layout soon, the flamingos are getting tiring and i need a summer one before summers gone. But we mustnt worry, there is much time left. Oh btw if u know where it is, u must read the lastest adventures of Super-llama! They are hysterically funny. I am not sure if i am allowed to mention the location of the secret headquarters... those random evil cows could be watching. Or someone in the league with the random evil cows could be watching. Ya just dont know....

Now i leave u with a sense of paranoia. G'night!

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